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Yachting Monthly (UK)

Britain’s Best Selling Cruising Magazine

I started writing for Yachting Monthly in 2014 and have had many features and anchorage guides published in the magazine since.

‘My Sailing Trip Changed me, and the world i left behind’

I gained so much from my adventures and achieved things I never would have believed I could have done. But I made choices that meant missing times when my friends needed me or just wanted me there. I’ve missed sitting next to my father at my grandfather’s funeral and hugging my stepmother when her mother died. I’ve missed clinking glasses at engagement parties, the newborn-baby smell of my nephew or my friend’s daughter.

Travelling is about growing, learning and exploring. But it’s also about the things you miss and what you leave behind. Every mile you take from home takes you further and further from the people you love.


’10 HIdden Adventures on Dartmoor’

I grew up on the edge of the New Forest and now I live on the edge of Dartmoor – there are few things I love more than our National Parks. 


One of the world’s most influential blogs

I wrote for the Huffington Post for several years across travel, culture and sport.

 A Huge Travel Blog and Network

A photo essay about sailing for the wonderful Matador Network.

I’ve Also written for