How to Hike the East Devon Way – 40 …

The East Devon Way is the secret half-sibling of the South West Coast Path. This 38-mile path starts in Exmouth and winds its way though the East Devon countryside, over hills, across fields and through the quaintest of villages to finish in Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast.

Route + Video: Riding 30 Miles on Devon’s …

With two national parks, a handful of AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and two coastlines, I thought I’d plot a route that took us away from all of those things.

There was endless empty lanes, lots of ascents, lots of descents, lots of lambs (in November!) and a hefty dose of mud. It was blissful.

Review: OMM Kamleika Waterproof Jacket

I’m no mountain athlete, or any type of athlete for that matter, but I have been searching for the perfect waterproof jacket for around 15 years including three years at sea with many a squall and wave trying to hug me.

I bought the OMM Kamleika last winter and we’ve been having a head-rush love affair ever since.

Video: Riding from Exeter to Exmouth

This video covers my ride from Exeter Quay, along National Cycle Route 2 and the Exe Estuary Trail down to Exmouth. While there wasn’t much sunshine about, at least I got to see some daylight!

Book Review: Climbing the Seven Volcanoes by …

Climbing the Seven Volcanoes is a story of grief, of extraordinary human resilience and dedicated mental effort. It’s a story of chronic illness, of identity and of the self. It’s a huge achievement of a book let alone of human endeavour.

Video: Cycling the Exe Estuary Trail in …

If you need some light entertainment, here’s my first(ish) YouTube video! Pedalling my way along part of the Exe Estuary Trail in inclement weather.

6 Tips for Planning an Enjoyable Bike Ride

I don’t find it too difficult to plan a bike ride, but I do find it difficult to have faith in my planning skills. I’m terrible for underestimating the steepness and length of hills – last Sunday I spent 20 minutes of a 3 hour ride going up one, incredibly long, steep hill – and I’m equally awful at remembering to let my stomach have a say in the preparation.

Every time I go out for a jaunt and forget something, I think, ‘the moment I get home I will write a damn checklist!’

Exeter Cycle Routes: the Exe Estuary Trail

This is a trail likely familiar to most two-wheeling residents. It actually stretches from Exmouth on the east coast of the estuary, all the way to Dawlish on the west coast. Exeter lies in the middle of the trail, upriver, allowing you to chose either direction and reach the sea with relative ease.

Hiking up High Willhays and Yes Tor: …

High Willhays is predominantly notable for its height and little else. To look at, it’s not much. It’s upstaged by its sister, Yes Tor, a stone’s throw north and just 2 metres lower. But its surroundings contain myriad intrigue, and hiking here is well worth the effort.

Cycling Dartmoor’s Granite Way

How does an easy, mostly flat and exceedingly pleasant bike ride along Dartmoor’s north western edge sound to you? Absolutely ideal? Yeah, I thought so. Welcome to the Granite Way.…

Naples: a City of Grit and Bones

We roam the streets for the atmosphere alone. It’s frenetic and keeping a straight line is impossible. Every few seconds I’m dodging scooters, other tourists and even cars. Driving around here seems like an impossibility given that you could barely have three people walking abreast.