Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: the call …

The rain is falling like fairy dust. It’s drifting down from the smudged, white sky. The sparrows are chattering, clinging onto brickwork and rattling off calls. One swoops up into the nest right outside my open balcony door. I hear a burst of cheeping, hungry mouths that never seem to be sated. 

What to Wear Walking Up Pen y …

Pen y Fan is a popular mountain for a reason, it’s not technical, you can do it in a few hours and it’s easy to reach. And yet many people hike it ill-prepared. It’s not a day for flip flops folks.

Devon Detours: Blackborough 10k Circular Walk

We meandered along the club road and stopped to see if any would take off as there were already a few in the sky, gently circling under clouds in hope of gaining altitude. Turning around, we saw a glider streaming down straight towards us, only to steer away at the last minute and land with a gentle bump onto the field.

Dartmoor Dawdles: Lustleigh Circular Hiking Route

There are few things more pleasurable than spreading an OS map out on the floor, getting down on your hands and knees and having a really good look. The only thing more pleasurable is deciding on a route and setting off into glorious sunshine.