From short business eBooks and niche knowledge books to full length memoirs – get your story told and out to readers

Readers Trust Books

Ghostwriting is a collaboration that allows you to utilise the expert writing skills of a ghostwriter to produce the book you want to write but don’t have the time or skillset to do so yourself.

I work with you to produce a fantastic business eBook, a knowledge guide or to translate your story into the memoir you’ve always wanted to write. All while keeping your name on the cover.

Don’t Get Lost

Writing a book requires time, research and a lot of storytelling. You’re a busy person with a big story to tell or a lot of knowledge to share – so where on earth do you begin?

Using a ghostwriter means handing over the baton and freeing up your time. You’ve lived the life and gained the knowledge, now let me transform it into the book of your dreams.

Need a Business eBook? Share Your Expertise

Short eBooks are huge business and allow you to show your business as the powerhouse it is.

You can bolster your authority by having multiple eBooks that will help your customers and drive traffic.

Share Your Story

Connecting with other people is how we stay happy so it’s no surprise that memoir has always had a large presence on bookshelves.

If you’ve got a story you want to share with the world but don’t have time or ability to get it down on paper, that’s where a ghostwriter comes in.

I’ll work with you to tell your story your way and in your voice.

“Thanks so much for the great work, we’re getting brilliant feedback on the books!”