In Bed with the Atlantic

My first book, In Bed with the Atlantic, was published by Fernhurst Books in September 2018 – telling the story of how I, a non-sailor, found myself sailing around the Atlantic.

Far from grabbing the adventure with both hands, I was dogged by doubt, a belief that I wasn’t a ‘sailor’, never would be and that I was in no way capable of such an undertaking.

I believed the ocean was out to get me, that weather needed to be battled and that I would be forever ruled by the anxiety that plagued me.

And yet, in the face of my uncertainty, I discovered more about myself and the world then I could possibly have imagined. 

This book covers the adventure that I undertook together with my then-partner on our small, 40 year old boat.


It’s about battle the weather, the sea and myself. It’s about discovering that you can’t fight the wind and the waves though. You have to cross an ocean, not try to move it. It’s about how I realised I couldn’t fight myself either.

I hope that it will allow others to see that they don’t have to be ‘born adventurers’ and that even some of the most isolated parts of this world are open to you – all you need to do is go.

With maps, photographs and 18,000 miles of adventures, In Bed with the Atlantic was published by Fernhurst Books in September 2018 and is available to buy now from Amazon and Waterstones and all good bookshops!

‘Pascoe’s a fine travel writer’ – Yachting Monthly

‘Kitiara is both humble and irrepressibly optimistic. She has a way of seeking out and retelling people’s stories…’ – Little Ship Club