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I’m a travel and outdoors writer based in Exeter, UK. I’m the author of In Bed with the Atlantic (Fernhurst, 2018) and the upcoming Mindful Thoughts for Sailing (Quarto, 2021).

I also work with travel, outdoor and wellness companies to create outstanding content that inspires readers and tells important stories. 

Do you need engaging and persuasive content for your business? You’re the expert. I can help you share your knowledge with the people who need it, in a language they speak. 


Notes From the Outdoors

Devon Detours: Blackborough 10k Circular Walk

We meandered along the club road and stopped to see if any would take off as there were already a few in the sky, gently circling under clouds in hope of gaining altitude. Turning around, we saw a glider streaming down straight towards us, only to steer away at the last minute and land with a gentle bump onto the field.

Dartmoor Dawdles: Lustleigh Circular Hiking Route

There are few things more pleasurable than spreading an OS map out on the floor, getting down on your hands and knees and having a really good look. The only thing more pleasurable is deciding on a route and setting off into glorious sunshine.

Review: Tour Du Mont Blanc Guidebook and Map

Vertebrate Publishing got in touch with me back in April to ask if I fancied a copy to drool over and review. I mean, they didn’t use the word ‘drool’ but I’m assuming that was what they meant because I have never, ever seen such a perfectly put together hiking guide.

Talking Trees: Getting to Know the Arboreal Neighbours

I’ve decided to get to know my arboreal neighbours. The ones that will offer shelter in a rain shower even if you turn up uninvited.

Doorstep Adventures: Marvelling at the Hidden Trails Right Under My Nose

Suddenly we could look up and down the canal as well as the river. The morning sunshine spun gold through the reeds and herons hung out on the banks, statuesque with a single, raised eyebrow.

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