Speaking at Yacht Clubs

If you’re looking for a speaker for a yacht club night or event, I can offer your audience a unique talk.

At just 24, I set sail from the UK on a full Atlantic circuit that took me 3 years (I tacked on Panama and Colombia!). I had never sailed before, unless you count a freezing hour gripping onto the side of a Wayfarer.

With a 1974 Nicholson 32 Mark X, my partner and I set off from England and returned 18,000 miles and many countries later.

Topics for a sailing audience:


  • The courage to set sail and how nothing will ever be perfect
  • What to expect from an Atlantic Circuit
  • Adjusting to long-term cruising and embracing challenges
  • Sailing isn’t just for men – how women can thrive in a sailing environment, especially if they’re new to the sport
  • How important it is to be prepared and understand the boat you are in
  • ‘But I’ve only been as far as…’ – Finding the confidence to sail further

Your needs

Are you looking for a specific topic or does your audience need to know about a particular aspect of long-distance or beginner cruising? I can work with you to tailor a talk that helps your audience get what they need.

My aims

My talks aren’t just nifty tales from my voyages, they have an undercurrent of much more fundamental things.

Through speaking to your audience, I want to show how our beliefs are the limiting factor in our lives, not our bodies or situations.

Through my stories I hope to share how personal challenges are vital for our growth and happiness and how, once we take away the thought ‘I can’t do that’, we suddenly find that actually, we can.

You can ask me any questions or enquire about booking me for your sailing club in the contact form below.

I’m based in Southampton but I can travel if necessary.