Adventure talks

Adventure pushes us out of our comfort zones and into a solution-based way of thinking. It helps us challenge our identity stories – those beliefs we hold about what we can and can’t do, what we are and are not capable of.

About My Talks

As an author, feature writer and adventurer, I share stories from my adventures that inspire your audience.

I went from a complete non-sailor, to sailing double-handed 20,000 miles around the Atlantic. Convinced I was never capable of undertaking such a journey, I found myself plagued by self-doubt and questioning myself at every turn.

But the farther I sailed from England, the more I realised that no amount of evidence would make me believe in what I was capable of.

It was something I had to change from within.

It’s easy to live in our little bubbles. Easy to accept the limitations that we and others put on ourselves. But there is so much more that we can do when we start looking at the world and ourselves from a different perspective.

My talks help show others that the story you tell yourself is not necessarily the right one. And perhaps it’s time to change it.

Kitiara gave an interesting, well-paced and often humorous travelogue about her journey from novice sailor to motivational speaker – with a few thousand miles of experience and adventure in between!  She certainly kept her audience captive and ready for the next, sometimes jaw dropping, instalments.

An inspiration for all would-be sailors, especially women – a truthful insight into how it’s OK to be terrified, scared, apprehensive……but with determination and a strong desire not to be beaten, the message is ‘Anyone can do it …and learn to love it!

A ***** 5 star speaker.

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire your audience and make them question their self-limiting beliefs?

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Speaking Events

Oct 2019

Saltash Sailing Club

I gave an hour-long talk to the wonderful members of the Saltash Sailing Club about my three-year voyage.

March 2019

Adventure Talks – Plymouth Snowsports Centre

I gave a 20 minute talk as part of a trio of adventure talks.

Feb 2019

Stanfords Travel Bookshop, Covent Garden, London

I gave a 20 minute talk at the book launch of Sail Away, by fellow sailing author Nicola Rodriquez.