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Content and Copywriting in Exeter and Beyond

I’m a travel and outdoors writer based in Exeter, UK. I’m the author of In Bed with the Atlantic (Fernhurst, 2018) and the upcoming Mindful Thoughts for Sailing (Quarto, 2021).

I also work with travel, outdoor and wellness companies to create outstanding content that inspires readers and tells important stories. 

Do you need engaging and persuasive content for your business? You’re the expert. I can help you share your knowledge with the people who need it, in a language they speak. 


Notes From the Outdoors

Beaver Spotting on the River Otter: Celebrating the Reintroduction of these Magnificent Animals

I became aware of the beaver thanks to the shutter sounds of far fancier cameras than mine. My eyes searched the water and there it was, a brown head, calm eyes and an elevated nose, working its way across the river.

National Marine Week: Is Ocean Conservation Finally Going to Appear in School Curriculums?

The UK is an archipelagic nation and yet ocean education is nowhere to be found in the curriculum. Is that about to change?

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: the call of the mountains

The rain is falling like fairy dust. It’s drifting down from the smudged, white sky. The sparrows are chattering, clinging onto brickwork and rattling off calls. One swoops up into the nest right outside my open balcony door. I hear a burst of cheeping, hungry mouths that never seem to be sated. 

What to Wear Walking Up Pen y Fan (and what should be in your backpack?)

Pen y Fan is a popular mountain for a reason, it’s not technical, you can do it in a few hours and it’s easy to reach. And yet many people hike it ill-prepared. It’s not a day for flip flops folks.

Exploring the Night Markets of Bali

After sundown, the space turns into an intoxicating labyrinth sprung up from nowhere, filled with little stalls crammed with rice, noodles and fried everything.

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