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Content and Copywriting in Exeter and Beyond

I’m a travel and wellness writer based in Exeter, UK. When I’m not penning articles and books, I work with businesses to make their content shine brighter than a full moon on a cloudless night.

I specialise in travel, wellness and marketing content for UK and US audiences. 

Do you need engaging and persuasive content for your business? You’re the expert. I can help you share your knowledge with the people who need it, in a language they speak. 


Your Audience Needs You to be Straight with Them. And It Starts with Your Blog.

Many businesses know that they need a blog to carve a place for themselves online. But is any only blog okay? Isn’t it just for a Google algorithm anyway?


Your business’ blog has the power to draw in a new audience organically and turn them into customers. But it doesn’t sell to them. 


A Blog is an Act of Giving


Instead of blogging about how your business is great, your posts offer genuinely valuable information, related to your industry, for free. It becomes a resource that your audience keeps coming back to. It shows you as the expert you are. 

Your brand’s blog generates trust, appreciation and a genuine connection to your audience. 

And your audience wants to buy from a business they have a connection with. Content writing sells, just not in the way you think. 


Looking For a Travel or Wellness Writer to Transform Your Blog?


I work with businesses in Exeter as well as across the UK and the US to create engaging travel and wellness blogs that your audience will come back to.

I’m a content writer who gets to know your business, your audience and your goals to make every word count. I’ll help you make your blog content cohesive with your brand and a valuable resource.

Do you need blog posts that work for you? Get in touch below and let’s chat.

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